Bully: Anniversary Edition APK (Mod Unlimited Money)

Bully: Anniversary Edition APK (Mod Unlimited Money)

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September 8, 2019 (3 years ago)
Publisher Rockstar Games
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money
Latest Version1.0.0.19
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Flashback to childhood memories! If you have spent hours playing video games on the PlayStation 2, you will probably remember Bully – a popular game released by Rockstar Games. To commemorate the 10th anniversary of this game, the developer has recently released Bully: Anniversary Edition. This is a great mobile platform version. Of course, it has been upgraded in graphics and added control options to suit the touch device.

Like all other games of RockStars Game, Bully: Anniversary Edition is not a free game. So, it means that if you want to get it from the Play Store, you must make a Purchase. Currently, this game costs $ 5.99 on the Play Store, you can pay for it via Visa. However, not everyone has Visa available to do this. We bring a simpler and easier solution to install Bully: Anniversary Edition APK on your Android device. All you need to do is follow our guide to download and install the game in just a few steps.

Bully Anniversary Edition apk download

Download Bully: Anniversary Edition APK [Mod Money]

Rockstar Games is a multi-platform game developer based in the United States. So far, it is one of the most well-known game developers in the world with many high-quality games on many platforms. In the early days of development, Rockstar Games products were often released on PC and consoles. They quickly became blockbusters and sold millions of copies worldwide, many of which are still popular at the moment. Their most popular games are Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, Bully…

With the advance of technology, the current configuration of the smartphone is strong enough to play video games, which are known only on the Windows platform or Console. Rockstar Games also understand this, so they decided to bring back their popular game titles to the mobile platform (Android and iOS). Bully: Anniversary Edition is such a great product.

Bully Anniversary Edition gameplay

Bully: Anniversary Edition Story

In my opinion, Bully: Anniversary Edition can be considered a school GTA game. In which, the player will play the naughty boy, Jimmy. He is known for his cranky personality and poor school performance. The game takes place in a situation where Jimmy was transferred to a new school. As usual, new students are always bullied and troubled. With many previous expulsions, even the principal did not have a good impression on him. Your mission is to help Jimmy get along with his friends, avoid punishment and complete the class assignments. Are you ready for this?

Open world gameplay

Similar to GTA 5 Android, Bully: Anniversary Edition is an open world game where players are free to explore everything and complete missions in their way. In each level of the game, the players will have to complete a number of missions. These tasks often require you to go to certain positions in the school such as the principal’s room, boys’room or classroom to do something. Radar on the top right corner will help you navigate and move more easily. The mark X on the Radar’s screen is the point where you need to go to.

Bully Anniversary Edition open world gameplay

There are always special students who want to bully you, so fighting with them is inevitable. There is a status bar that you need to notice. It is called trouble meter. If you steal or mess up, the trouble meter will fill up a from time to time. When it is full, the prefects will pay attention to you. They are indicated by a red dot on the radar. You should keep away from them as far as possible. Otherwise, everything will end up in the principal’s office. You can also choose to hide somewhere, such as a trash bin. But this way is not very effective. Ideally, you should run as fast as possible. Your trouble meter will gradually decrease that you can continue making another trouble without fear of being caught.

Some Other great features

Fighting is an important skill that helps you protect yourself against the bullying of school gangs. You can fight the bullies by using the punch icon button on the right side. Once you have dominated, you can get closer to your opponent to “humiliate” them. You should pay attention to the health bar on the left side of the radar. You should not let it run out. Please go to the soda machine to buy a drink. It will help you to recover.

Bully Anniversary Edition challenge

You can also challenge your friends through Friend Challenge or competitions among the classes. The tasks in the game revolve around the daily activities of the students. They are very diverse so that players do not feel bored. To complete the game, sometimes, you just have to do simple tasks such as going to a designated location to replace a new one. Sometimes, you need to complete the quickest surgery the frog in the class, complete the English exercises or flirt and get the kiss of the girls.

Graphics and Sound

The game has nice and impressive 3D graphics. And the characters are 3D animated. Even facial expressions such as irritability, contempt, repulsion are also shown in the perfect way. Background sound effects and dialogues are reproduced in real life, bringing players into a real school environment.

How to download Bully Anniversary Edition apk

How to download and install?

First, you should refer to the information in this article: INSTALL ANDROID GAME WITH OBB CACHE

  • Download all the necessary files by clicking on the download button at the bottom of the article.
  • Install the APK file as normal. Wait for the installation to complete, you will see the game icon appear in APP Draws, but do not open it.
  • Open the File Manager APP and navigate to the OBB file you downloaded. Extract it follows: SD Card: Android / OBB
  • All done. You have successfully installed the game!

Final Verdict

Overall, Bully: Anniversary Edition is an open-world game, so there are a lot of interesting things that you can explore. You can also do everything you like, including disturbing things. Of course, like other games in GTA series, there are certain limits to the game to prevent the player from doing too much. You cannot fight constantly. If your trouble meter is full, it means that you have to lose a lot. You should avoid unnecessary conflicts. In many cases, running fast is the best way to help you complete the task.

Well, We hope that you have successfully installed the game through our instruction. Do not forget to bookmark this article to update to the latest version of the game when it is available. Do you like Bully: Anniversary Edition? Please leave a review in the comment box below!

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