Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements Mod APK

Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements Mod APK

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September 6, 2019 (3 years ago)
Full NameBreaking Bad: Criminal Elements Mod APK
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Even if you’re not an avid fan of Breaking Bad crime drama, you’ve probably heard of the name of this popular TV series. Now, the game is based on this famous movie, Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements. The game is now available to download for mobile devices on Google Play.

Breaking Bad Criminal Elements MOD APK

Becoming a professional criminal

Similar to the movie, with the Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements, players will transform into a very professional criminal. You will be a partner of Walter White and Jesse (two famous protagonists in the series) to develop a criminal career.

You run all activities in the production line for prohibited goods. From cooking, manufacturing, and distribution, you have to take responsibility, deliver it to a safe place and develop your business to make more money. Therefore, in the Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements you will become busier than ever with many things to worry about and many responsibilities to shoulder.

Familiar characters

Most of the characters who work with you are familiar if you’ve ever seen the movie Breaking Bad. Besides the two main characters, White and Jesse, you’ll also see Gus Fring, Mike Ehrmantraut, and Saul Goodman. This will make you feel familiar with the game from the first moment. Players will truly feel like they are living in the world of Breaking Bad.

Breaking Bad Criminal Elements MOD APK characters

It will be interesting when players go into story campaign mode and see what tasks you are assigned. Because it will give you a cohesive and comprehensive experience with the game and this world. Managing and managing a large criminal organization and a smuggling meth chain is not easy. So, to be a good henchman of Walter and Jesse, you have to know a little trick.

Besides, always upgrade your character because it can help your work get completed faster or have more advantages in many respects. Click on the Specialists menu located in the lower left corner and click on the character you want to upgrade. This is very important when you want to fight against enemy units. Make sure you have enough money to upgrade the characters before you get the chance.

Building a solid base

You cannot develop far away if your base is not stable and stable. The upgrade of the base seems rather slow and time-consuming, but it is worth it. Regularly invested and upgraded bases will bring different differences and advantages to players. You will have a better and stronger defense for all threats. This will make you more secure when attacked and quickly recovered every time you are attacked.

Breaking Bad Criminal Elements building

Building upgrades help you upgrade the production process and get EXP. It also helps you become stronger when the enemy attacks. At the same time, you will be more likely to expand your area. The Headquarters and Lab equipment is one of the places where players should focus on upgrading as soon as there is enough chance. After upgrading these facilities. In addition, you should also focus on upgrading Cash Trucks to increase profits.

The Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements requires a lot of things from players, from thinking, strategy to diligence and patience. You must patiently upgrade your facilities and staff to be strong and develop your business. However, you should also know which facilities need to be focused on upgrading to get the fastest growth.

Choosing the right path according to the plot

Every decision you make leads to consequences. Players will often be asked about the development process and need certain options. The choices are sometimes different between players, so each person must know which one is best for his or her strategy. For example, Walter White asks you how you want to approach everything. You will have options like “Cook Product” and “Attack the Competition”. Each option leads to different paths such as cooking the first product twice if you choose “Cook Product” or you will have to fight in two stages if you choose the other one.

Always cooking and grow your business

In the early stages of business development, the cooking time is not so long that you must always cook to create more products. After you upgrade, the cooking takes a while to complete. Take advantage of the benefits from the early stages as possible to gain the following advantages. Make sure you collect enough items for your tasks. When you complete the task you will receive very attractive money rewards. Therefore, cooking is extremely important and takes up most of your time.

Breaking Bad Criminal Elements upgrade

Completing a faster upgrade gives you more benefits and helps your business grow faster than others. You can spend 30 seconds to view ads to receive priorities for faster upgrades. However, use these priorities in the most valuable way possible. Because you do not have infinite rights to view ads and speed up upgrades.


Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements is the official franchise game from the movie of the same name. The game is available on Play Store and App Store, free to download. If you are a fan of Breaking Bad, you cannot ignore this game.

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