Brave Conquest 1.4.1 (Mod, Damage/Defense)

Brave Conquest 1.4.1 (Mod, Damage/Defense)

Version: 1.4.2 ·
October 21, 2020 (2 years ago)
Full NameBrave Conquest
Publisher IGG.COM
Mod FeaturesDamage/Defense
Latest Version1.4.2
RequireAndroid 4.4 and up
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Mobile strategy game has never been boring. With gameplay is usually quite simple, but requires players to always consider before making any decisions. There are tons of tactical games available on Play Store, but not all of them are attractive. If you have to mention a company specializing in the production of mobile strategy games and gaining a lot of success, the first name must definitely be IGG. Recently, they continue to introduce their latest product called Brave Conquest – of course, it is a free mobile strategy game on Mobile (Android and iOS).

Brave Conquest Mod APK download

IGG is a company specializing in research and development of products for two main platforms, Windows and Mobile. Starting with many video games on PC but not much positive, IGG’s name only really stood out when they released mobile games on Android and iOS. Many typical products such as Lords Mobile, Kingdoms Mobile, Clash of Lords, Gods War Online or Galaxy Online. They are simple, easy-to-play but addictive strategy games. It seems that they have found a way for themselves, IGG promotes the development of mobile strategy games, Brave Conquest is their latest product taking this topic.

The game is available on Play Store, free to download. However, currently, the game is only in testing in some countries. Don’t worry because we bring you all the files needed to install this game, so you can experience it early.


Brave Conquest takes place thousands of years ago in a fantasy world, where powerful warriors were born from blood and fire. The wars between the two sides of the darkness took place over 100 years but still have not ended. It is the battle of power and treasure. On the dark side, The Abyssal is the leader with dark powers and commanders of monsters. You are the master of the light side. You will gather and manage a team of brave warriors on the side, participating in this war with the sole goal of protecting the kingdom and seeking fame. Become a king, use the most powerful warriors, awaken mystical elements and call ancient creatures to start the fight. Are you ready?

Brave Conquest Gameplay.

Brave Conquest is a mobile strategy game, it has quite simple gameplay. You will gather and control an army of Heroes and soldiers. Then take part in the battle with the opponent is the army of the dark side. Your team will be placed on a map consisting of squares. Rules to play very simple, you will control heroes to the appropriate position on the map, then press “battle” to let them rush into the enemy.


The key point is that you need to put Heroes in their place so your team cannot be destroyed. For example, when using the supporters as Archers, you always have to push heroes forward to form a shield to protect the troops behind. Or if using heroes that can heal HP, push them down to the last position of the squad.

Build your kingdom

At the beginning of the game, you will need to become familiar with the gameplay of Brave Conquest. If you have played many strategy games before, you will not encounter any difficulties. Things you will have to do around the building, exploiting resources, managing and developing the military, then fighting the enemy.

After a few stages to get used to it, you’ll start your job of building the kingdom. First, you need to build some basic buildings like houses, barracks, mines, and smiths, which are the bases for you to develop your empire. After that, you will have to start exploiting resources to serve the construction and upgrading of buildings. You need to create an army as soon as possible because they will be responsible for protecting the castle against attacks.


In order to recruit new troops, you will have to build barracks corresponding to them. Currently, Brave Conquest has 5 layers of Troops that you can use as Cavalry, Archers, Gladiators, Witches, Dragon Training Camp. Dragons are always very effective protection that you should consider using.

To build an empire is not easy, you will need a lot of resources. Therefore, the exploitation of raw materials is required. Besides, use them reasonably. You will need to expand your territory by unlocking new areas on the map. These areas are covered by fog, so you need to buy them in gold. The territorial expansion will allow you to build more buildings, so resources will be many times bigger.

Unlock, upgrade your Heroes and Troops

Your army consists of 2 components: Hero and the army. Heroes in the game will play an important role when they have great power and special skills. However, military units are also useful in battle. Brave Conquest brings many different army units for you to recruit. Each unit will have different characteristics, so you need to know how to combine them and create balance in the team. War is never easy. Power is not the only factor to win because you need proper tactics and a little luck. In addition to the traditional mode, the game offers various game modes for you to try, such as Warring Court, Arena and Kingdom War. Each Mode has different rules and experiences that you will be able to explore during the game.


After the victories, you will receive a reward of Gold and other resources. Please use them appropriately. It is really important to upgrade Heroes and Troops because opponents will be stronger at the next level. When upgrading Heroes, you can also unlock new skills for them. There are lots of heroes to unlock and upgrade, but remember that you can only use up to 5 heroes in battle.

Battle in real time.

Brave Conquest brings multiplayer mode to a global server. You will never be alone in the game world. In addition to working with friends, you will compete with many different players to take the lead in the rankings. In PvP mode, you can attack opponents to steal their resources. The matches will take place in real time, so there will be no room for mistakes. The game also allows you to create a clan then invite your friends to join, so you can fight and share resources.

Final World

Brave Conquest continues to be another successful strategy game from IGG. The game currently receives a lot of positive feedback from players. We have also provided you with all the necessary files to help you install it easily. All you need to do is click on the download button below and follow our instructions. If you have any questions about this game, don’t forget to leave a comment below!

Download Brave Conquest 1.4.1 (Mod, Damage/Defense)

Download (96M)

You are now ready to download Brave Conquest for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • Some applications will only run when you install the correct file that matches your device’s chipset. If you don’t know what chipset your device uses, check it with CPU Z.
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