Auto Chess Lite APK v2

Auto Chess Lite APK v2

Version: 20 ·
March 28, 2019 (4 years ago)
Publisher C6H6
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At present, Auto Chess is one of the most popular games on the market, which has attracted millions of players. However, the current game is only available on Windows (Download on Steam and Launch platform via Dota2). Auto Chess Mobile version is also officially announced. It will be released in the near future. However, the player’s expectations are too much. Therefore, many people are searching for and trying other Mobile games with similar gameplay to Auto Chess.

You can easily search on Play Store such games. They have the same gameplay and rules as Auto Chess, but graphics and game modes are not good enough. Of course, some games are still worth a try and Auto Chess Lite is such a game. Auto Chess Lite brings the same system heroes, rules, combo combinations … from the original DOTA 2 Auto Chess. In this article, you can discover the outstanding features of this game. Besides, we also provide a link to download the APK file of this game directly. You can download and install Auto Chess Lite for free.

Auto Chess Lite apk download

About Auto Chess Lite

First, we want to make it clear that this is not an official version from the Dota Auto Chess’s publisher. It was developed and published by an independent programmer nicknamed C6H6.

Of course, with the word “Lite“, this is just a shortened version, though it still provides interesting features for those who are fans of Auto Chess. In addition, the map, heroes and the game rules are completely similar to the PC version. However, the game’s graphics are not impressive enough. Auto Chess Lite will turn heroes into chess pieces. It means there are no impressive animations. In the game, the heroes are displayed as chess pieces, so it will not so impressive in term of the character shaping. The gameplay is still the same, in which you start with 1 hero, fight opponents in turn, use gold to buy new heroes … Overall, if you have experienced Auto Chess on PC, you can easily understand the rules of Auto Chess Lite.

Auto Chess Lite heroes

Key features of the game

  • Auto Chess Lite has original gameplay like the PC version of Auto chess.
  • The game simulates the similar hero system as in Dota 2. Heroes displayed in the form of chess pieces.
  • The game has simple and bright graphics, so it can work smoothly on most Android devices
  • In the game, the player can play with Bot, smarter AI and more challenging battles.
  • No ads, no IAP payments with real money

Auto Chess Lite gameplay


Overall, Auto Chess Lite is not a perfect copy of Auto Chess on mobile. It still has some missing features that need to improve. However, a good simulation of heroes and gameplay systems makes it a bit of a familiar experience that players are looking for. The game is also released completely free of charge and without in-game ads. While waiting for the official version of Auto Chess Mobile to be released, Auto Chess Lite is probably an interesting Android game that you should try.

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