Another Eden MOD APK 2.7.500 (Global, Mega Mod)

Another Eden MOD APK 2.7.500 (Global, Mega Mod)

Version: 2.7.500 ·
June 8, 2021 (2 weeks ago)
Full NameAnother Eden MOD APK (Global version/ English)
Publisher WFS, Inc.
Mod FeaturesInvincible, Experience, Money
Latest Version2.7.500
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Another Eden is a great mobile game from the Wright Flyer Studio. Although it first appeared in 2017 in Japan, the developer officially released the global version of Another Eden after more than 2 years. The game is available on Google Play and App Store for free to download. Other good news for those who own a Nintendo Switch is that the developer also announced a dedicated version for this platform. However, in this article, we will only discuss the mobile version of this game. Let’s find it out below!

Wright Flyer Studio is a famous game production studio in Japan. They are well-known for the success of Memoria Freese – another JRPG on Android. So, you can easily see that Another Eden’s graphics and gameplay are a bit similar to Memoria Freese. However, there are many other unique and interesting features that we can explore. Another Eden still has an anime style featuring beautiful graphics and an intensive plot.

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The story and the main character

In Another Eden, the story revolves around the lives of Aldo and Feene, who are brothers. No one knows about the parents of these two children. Some of the villagers said that they found Aldo and Feene being left behind at Moonlight Forest. They were adopted by an old man in the village named Mayor.

In addition, Aldo and Feene are not ordinary children. They possess strange super-powers. While Aldo can open the connecting doors between the timelines, Feene has the ability to hypnotize, which can cause the people around her to fall into hibernation. However, both are unable to control these powers.

Another Eden Story

Aldo and Feene’s life is fun and normal until Aldo was 16 years old. Aldo becomes a Baruoki Guard who keeps the Baruoki village peaceful and helps people. One day, the Demon King – Cyrus captured Feene for using her power to make humans lose consciousness to master the world. In a final attempt to save his sister, Aldo opens a portal of time that causes both him and Cyrus’ army to fall inside. The door brought them to a life of 800 years later. Aldo’s adventure officially begins. Whether he can rescue his sister from the demon king and return to the village or not is depending on you.

Besides the 2 main characters, in your adventure, you will make new friends. They are also heroes who possess special powers and skills. Currently, there are more than 30 different heroes in Another Eden.

The time traveling

Another Eden brings a strange and exciting adventure, where you will teleport between space gates and fighting different monsters. You will control Aldo. In the journey, you will meet other characters then try to interact with them by chatting or trading. Sometimes conversations can provide useful hints and information to help you finish your tasks. However, don’t trust all the people you meet because they may fool you.

Another Eden is a horizontal role-playing adventure game. Basically, your mission is to take the mission, go to the locations to fight the enemy, defeat them and take the next mission. In addition to a very diverse main quest system, you can explore the side quests in the game. The construction of the main and secondary missions system is related to each other. They make the player’s experience always seamless as well as make the adventure more interesting.

The gameplay Turn-based combines RPG

Another Eden’s gameplay is a perfect combination of RPG and Turn-based. In the game, you have to gather and control a group of different heroes then take part in battles. There is a maximum of 6 members in a team including 4 Front Members and 2 Sub Members. They are characterized by 2 stats: HP (Blue Bar) and MP (Purple Bar). You can improve these stats by leveling up characters or equipping new items.

Another Eden Mod APK heroes

In battles, you can simply touch the Attack button in the right corner of the screen to command your Heroes to attack the enemies. The rule is simple. You need to defeat all enemies to win a battle. If all your front line members are defeated, you will lose. Each hero will have 4 skills that you can use. There is a trick that you need to remember before performing the skill: Hold your finger on a skill to see the enemies’ weak points and other information. Besides, the attributes of the enemies in the game are not the same, so you need to select the appropriate Heroes. Also, you can change the line up in battle by selecting Sub Members instead of Front Members. If the opponent is too strong and difficult to win, you should click quit the game to avoid the failure.

Another Eden Gameplay

In addition, the Ability tab will be unlocked after you pass the first level. Here, you can choose Heroes and see their skills. Gamers can use AP (Ability Points) to unlock new attributes, power up characters or unlock more powerful skills. Unlock new heroes and upgrade the existing Heroes as the fastest to help you win the battle.

Boss fights

In Another Eden, each area has a boss. They are big monsters called Horror. You should pay attention to the level of these bosses because you can’t always confront them. The advice for you is to discover all the locations, collect the necessary materials, upgrade heroes strong enough before participating in Boss battles. Winning the Boss is a difficult thing, but it deserves to try. After winning the game, you have the opportunity to receive great rewards, or keys to travel to new lands.

Another Eden boss fight

The graphics and sound

Another Eden’s graphics are really impressive. In which, the characters are designed in detail and beautifully with the familiar anime style. The game world is also developed in detail. Besides, the colors are quite bright and fun, which are different from the tension of the battles.

Another Eden Graphics and sound

In addition, the sound in Another Eden is also a plus point. The game has more than 60 different soundtracks. They were composed by Yasunori Mitsuda who was responsible for the music of Xenogears and Shunsuke Tsuchiya – the main musician of Luminous Arc 2.


After more than 2 years, we can finally experience the global version of Another Eden. The developer has added new languages, improved sound and graphics, making it more complete. Besides, Another Eden brings a great story with exciting gameplay, which will make you feel immersed in an anime movie. Currently, Another Eden is in the soft-launch process as well as is only available in some countries. If you are not in the supported area, you can download Another Eden MOD APK for free in this article.

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