Alliance X Empire (AxE) APK+ OBB 3.7.0 (Mod/English)

Alliance X Empire (AxE) APK+ OBB 3.7.0 (Mod/English)

Version: 3.7.0 ·
April 26, 2021 (1 year ago)
Publisher NEXON Company
Latest Version3.7.0
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Alliance X Empire (AxE) is a great mobile game developed by Nexon Red (formerly Well Games), which was released exclusively in the Korean market since September 2017. After more than a year, Nexon has officially updated the English version of the game and brought it to the worldwide market with the global version. Alliance X Empire (AxE) is now available on Play Store and App Store.

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Alliance X Empire (AxE) APK + OBB Download

Alliance X Empire gameplay is built from ARPG combined with Open World elements. The game allows players to freely move and explore in a vast fantasy world. The context of the game takes players back to the world many years ago. In which, the battle occurred between 2 forces that dominate the world including Galenus (Alliance) and Dharkan (Empire). The players will choose one of two factions to start the adventure and fight against the other side.

Alliance X Empire mod apk

Alliance X Empire offers the role-playing action gameplay similar to many other games of the same genre on the market. You just need to use the key system and virtual joystick system to easily control characters moving, attacking and performing skills. Besides, thanks to flexible moving cameras, players are free to change the viewing angles.

Selecting your Heroes

In the game, the characters and classes system was built in the “Class Gender Locked” style. It means that each class will be associated with a single character. The game has 6 basic classes divided equally for 2 factions. They are Titan, Blader, Archer, Warrior, Guardian, and Mage.

Alliance X Empire class

Each class will have its own strengths and weaknesses. Depending on your preferences and fighting style, you can choose a suitable class. Besides, starting the game, you can even customize many things of your character like changing hair colors, faces, changing outfits, adding tattoos … which will make your character unique and easily recognizable in battles.

Other factors

AxE is essentially an MMORPG, so Nexon Red has focused a lot on PvP elements besides the fascinating PvE game mode. Players can enjoy AxE’s story in Story mode and explore the world through the main missions. In addition, you can also choose PVP mode to participate in the big arenas and compete against other players in the world. However, in order to unlock all the features, you need to reach certain levels.

AxE-alliance x empire mod apk

To level up, you should focus on completing quests, which will bring experience points and helps you to open new items. Besides, you should not forget the Side quests because sometimes they even bring more valuable rewards than the main quests. Once you reach certain levels, you can unlock new skills or equip more powerful items for your heroes.

Graphics, sound, and configuration

It is not so surprising that AxE owns beautiful 3D graphics that deserve a blockbuster on mobile. The game is built on the latest Unreal Engine technology. The graphics are really impressive with the smallest details being reproduced truthfully.

AxE-alliance x empire gameplay

In addition, the sound is also a plus point of the game. The footsteps of the characters, the sound of weapons or the sounds of the battles are very impressive and true. The epic background music will also create excitement for players. With the high-quality graphics, it is not difficult to understand when AxE requires a highly configurable Android device to provide the best gaming experience. You need to use Android Smartphone running OS version at least 5.0, 3GB ram and 2GB of free memory. The game also offers settings that allow you to change the game’s graphics level.


After more than 1 year of exclusively releasing in Korea, we were finally able to experience the global version of Alliance X Empire. You can download and install the game easily through our instruction. In addition, the international version also supports many popular languages, which you do not need to use VPS to change the IP to connect to the server of the game as the older version. If you are a fan of open world games, AxE is definitely a great option that you should not miss.

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