Alien: Blackout APK+OBB 2.0 (Mod Infinite Escape Time)

Alien: Blackout APK+OBB 2.0 (Mod Infinite Escape Time)

Version: 2.0 ·
March 21, 2019 (4 years ago)
Publisher D3 Go!
Latest Version2.0
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Alien vs Predator is one of the most popular film series with millions of fans in the world. The film’s content revolves around a seemingly unending war between Alien vs Predator and People. In fact, this is a human hunt from aliens in outer space. With a fictional plot and dramatic action scenes, it is not difficult when the film attracts a lot of interest from those who love fictional action movies. After many years of release, like other franchises, Alien vs Predator also has an official mobile game called Alien: Blackout. The game is available on both Android and iOS platforms as a paid game. If you are looking to receive a free game on Play Store, we will help you. We would like to bring you a direct download link, which will help you download and install Alien: Blackout APK completely free.

About Alien Blackout APK OBB

About Alien: Blackout APK for Android

Alien: Blackout is a new product announced not long ago. After a long time developed by D3 Go Studio, the official game is available on Play Store and App Store for $ 4.99. The game appeared on Play Store a few months ago, those who pre-ordered this game were able to download it from January 24.

Alien: Blackout took place during the period between two films Alien vs Predator. The plot of the game mainly focuses on Amanda Ripley. This part of the story is described by the manufacturer in 3 words “Read- Play- See.”. The Ripleys’ daughter will follow Nostromo’s mysterious disappearance, the ship was attacked by Xenomorph in Ridley Scott’s original film in 1979.

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About Alien Blackout download

Survival in space

In Alien: Blackout, the players have to try to survive when they are caught in a wrecked old Weyland-Yutani space station. Besides, the bloodthirsty Xenomorph is stalking to kill all the people he saw. This is a short description of Alien: Blackout. The players have to find a way to live in the danger to get rid of the alien. Players can only use the dashboard of the space station or risk sacrificing a part of the crew to avoid death, find a chance to turn over the situation.

In the game, you will be given the exciting experiences as on the big screen right on your mobile devices. Players will have to find ways to escape hunters, Xenomorph. At the beginning of the game, you and your companions are present at a broken old space ship. Things got worse when the Xenomorph appear and attack people. They smelt your group and chased you every time. You must be brave enough to survive and make the right decisions to escape from the attacks and protect people.

About Alien Blackout APK

Exploring outer space and secrets

The main location in the game is a broken space ship where you and other people hide from the enemy. It also contains secrets about monsters that are chasing you. You can search for documents located at random locations which will help you will find secrets about them. Alien: Blackout brings up to seven chapters where the level of fear will continually increase. The game will require you to do everything to survive. Besides, many crazy elements happen that you will have to deal with. Xenomorph is a powerful monster with modern equipment, which can smell to your position very quick and accurate. Therefore, every decision must be fast.

About Alien Blackout APK gameplay

The game will provide you with a three-dimensional map to track where predators are on the station so that you can find a way to escape, manage your crew and protect the people. Sometimes, there are ruthless decisions that force to leave someone behind.

How to download and install Alien: Blackout APK+OBB?

If this is the first time you install the android game with the OBB file, you must see THIS Article.

We will guide you how to download and install this game easily. Please follow the exact steps below to avoid any errors.

  • First, you need to click on the download button at the end of this article and download all the files we have provided. They include an APK file and a compressed file. Then save it to your device.
  • Open the APK file and install it as usual. If the installation is denied, please go to Settings-> Privacy, find the “Unknown Sources” option then tap to enable it.
  • Using File Manager to open the zipped file, you get a folder called “com.D3Go.Mendel“. Move it to the Android / OBB folder. The correct path is Android / OBB / com.D3Go.Mendel. (If you make a mistake in this step, the game will not run)
  • All done! Now open the game and Enjoy!

We recommend using Es File Manager Pro – one of the powerful file managers on Android.


Alien: Blackout is a franchise game from the popular movie series, so it is not surprising that it is attractive enough for those who love mobile games. With 7 chapters and lots of challenges, players will experience a tense atmosphere of the war between human vs monsters. You can play the game and challenge your surviving ability. Alien: Blackout is a paid game on Play Store, but we provide an APK file of this game that allows you to download and install it completely for free. Please download the game at the link below!

Alien: Blackout  Mod Features:

  • Infinite Escape Time

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