AFTERLOST – Shoumetsu Toshi APK 2.2.0

AFTERLOST – Shoumetsu Toshi APK 2.2.0

Version: 2.2.0 ·
April 15, 2021 (1 year ago)
Full NameAFTERLOST - Shoumetsu Toshi APK
Publisher WFS, Inc.
Mod FeaturesNO
Latest Version2.2.0
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AFTERLOST – Shoumetsu Toshi, the game was developed by WFS, Inc. based on the famous Japanese manga series. Therefore, it quickly attracted the attention of many fans of this series. The plot of Afterlost is almost identical to that of comics. When one day a city suddenly disappeared. Takuya is a contract courier who stumbles upon Yuki. Yuki is the only person who survived the extinction of the whole city. After learning the story, Takuya decides to help Yuki find the cause and try to save the lost city. Both rely on the clues left by Yuki’s father and enter into a challenging and challenging adventure.

Challenging from the first minute

As soon as they started the trip, Takuya and Yuki had to face extremely difficult obstacles. Before leaving behind the feelings of love and regret those who were missing, Yuki had to face a group of mysterious people manipulating the darkness and revealing a huge and dangerous conspiracy. Both Yuki and Takuya are completely unfamiliar people in the first moments. But the difficulties and obstacles they face constantly make them gradually become closer and have deeper relationships. The further you go in the process of shedding light on the mystery of the lost city, the more love and intimacy of Yuki and Takuya grows.

A game like a movie adaptation of comics.

Yuki and Takuya sat on the car that he went to daily courier to reach the lost city. Along the way, they meet dark forces that want to defeat and kill their regime. Players must fight and fight them so both characters can continue their journey. What is worth mentioning is that the talks take place regularly. They show the feelings, situations, and feelings of the characters. Entering the first moments of the game, players will have to go through a series of lines and introductions of the characters to be able to understand the content and purpose of the game.

Because AFTERLOST contains a lot of content, elements and many characters with different roles. Players need to know what they are doing and what to do. To be able to convey this, the manufacturer of AFTERLOST has used the words of all the characters in the game to bring the widest view to players about the picture of this world.

Great drawings

If you are a fan of the AFTERLOST series, you can’t ignore this game because they make your characters really alive. Graphics of the game are designed and developed very well. The features that express the soul and emotion of the character make the player feel very lively. The voice actors also make this game more exciting and enteric. From the main character to the minor characters or weapons equipped, all are drawn and designed very attentively and thoroughly.

A dedicated guide, Sound catches ears

AFTERLOST developers know that you will spend a lot of time to understand all the things to do in the game. Therefore, they provided you with lots of materials and instructions. You will be guided in the first moments from hitting opponents, reading indicators or upgrading characters. This makes you quickly catch up with the pace of the game.

Besides the beautiful image, the sound is one of the points that make the game more exciting and amazing. The soundtracks and voices of the characters are well tuned and coordinated making you feel like you’re watching a manga movie. It gives you really great and true experiences. From the sound effects of combat, the time of upgrading or the introduction of the characters, they all bring exciting sounds.

A weird gameplay

In contrast to the plot, image, sound, and effects, the fighting style of the game is really strange. In the first level, what you do is click on the character to fight back the opponent. Each character has a unique power and a limited number. Takuya and Yuki will still sit on the motorbike and move forward, while you must constantly press each person’s individual skill buttons to launch an attack. When the energy reaches a certain level, the player can launch a special attack.

Afterlost gameplay

At higher levels, players need to pay attention to rules in combat. Which skill will defeat any skill? Each skill has an advantage and a weakness for each of the different enemies. Players need to be a bit careful to be able to apply them successfully. You must try to destroy the enemy before they defeat you. Therefore, using skills with the right kind of enemies will take you less time to destroy them.


AFTERLOST – Shoumetsu Toshi currently only supports Japanese so if you don’t know Japanese and how you can get the game back, you can hardly understand the series of dialogues going on throughout the game. Good luck. Perhaps the battle phase is one of the most boring stages of the game. It is also possible that the developer himself knows that and they have put in the accelerator button so that everything that happens during the battle takes place at a faster rate. The remaining elements include a storyline, sound, effects, images that completely make you satisfied and worth spending time.

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