3 Reasons to Migrate From Gmail to Outlook

June 14, 2020 (2 years ago)

Despite of the dominance of messengers, E-mail is very much alive today. Small issues are convenient to deal with in Skype or Slack until you receive dozens of messages from various apps. How many letters do you receive every day? 10 or probably more than 100? In such conditions, the “smart” grouping of letters becomes a necessity. This is what MS Outlook is good at.

Many email users are looking for ways to migrate from other mailing clients to Outlook. In this case, we very much advise paying your attention to Outlook Transfer. This is a nice migration tool that converts Gmail Mbox to PST format in several moments. In order to check all the opportunities of this tool please check  https://www.outlooktransfer.com/products/gmail-to-outlook-transfer/


Why Outlook is better than Gmail?

  1. Works great offline

We all are tired of this permanent dependence on online. In Outlook you can confidently work offline. Letters will be delivered as soon as you connect to the Internet. Such a basic feature is very much convenient, especially when traveling and on business trips!

  1. Easier to keep clean

To organize mails in Gmail, you have to use the system of “labels.” For some strange reasons, Google does not like the concept of folders and refuses to implement it. However, in Outlook this is still easier, as there are folders. The idea is understandable to everyone. Secondly, all the necessary filters are already pre-installed.

  1. Excellent calendar and note integration

In Outlook, you do not have to suffer from this at all: you just click and get the whole info next to it. The main “strength” of Outlook is how it works with events and the calendar. Set tasks, plan a week, keep up-to-date notes and work with contacts in an outlook. No Gmail even comes close to how conveniently, quickly and easily it works.  Maybe someday Google will launch a decent client that will not slow down, eat virtual memory and have a logical, efficient interface.

3 Reasons to Migrate From Gmail to Outlook

Once again about how to migrate to Outlook

The statistics are relentless: most of us work in the Mail client on the iPhone and the web version of Gmail. Some of us have been using both these two tools – but the convenience of MS Outlook makes us think to try something new.

The problem of email migration is determined by several tasks:

  • How to migrate contacts
  • How to securely transfer emails and attached files
  • How to convert files from Mbox to PST

So, the Outlook Transfer tool quickly performs all these tasks for you. The tool has a user-friendly interface and is very intuitive. The Support service is ready to help you in troubles. You are also provided by tutorial and opportunity to use the trial version. Considerable and flexible pricing brings the Outlook Transfer additional points.

For a very long time, Outlook was the standard email client in most global companies. It is still very convenient and useful, isn’t it?

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